Brownwood Life Care Center

Brownwood Life Care Center provides specialized care tailored to each client, allowing children and young adults to thrive in a compassionate environment. School-aged children attend classes monitored by certified paraprofessionals and also have one-on-one time with a licensed special education teacher during the week.

Birthdays, holidays, and special events are celebrated throughout the year so that no client misses out on special moments because of their handicaps. Our clients are taken on outings and to special events in the community for both educational and recreational purposes. Some of these outings are trips to the mall, carriage rides, visits to the state fair and rodeo, concerts, movies and Special Olympics. Civic and church groups also visit Brownwood Life Care Center and volunteer their time providing activities for the clients.

Clients considered for placement at Brownwood Life Care Center include children and young adults with severe to profound mental retardation, physical handicaps that restrict mobility to the point of wheelchair confinement, and children and young adults with severe debilitating medical conditions that require constant medical care such as tracheotomy and gastronomy tube placement and feedings. Young adults needing pre-vocational rehabilitation training are also considered for placement.

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